Piano Lessons – Danville

For someone looking to learn music, piano lessons could, and should, be considered a perfect starting point.

piano lessons for all ages in danville caNot only is the piano often referred to as the ‘king’ of instruments, it has many benefits for a beginner.

It is very easy to produce a sound, a sound that is predictable, it does not require an ‘ear’ or ‘technique’, to get it right, unlike a violin, making it less challenging than other instruments.

The predictable sound means the student does not need an established musical ear to know whether the sound produced is correct. however, while a musical ear is not required to learn to play the piano, the piano is a great tool to develop the musical ear of the student.

Even the placement of the keys, being linear, helps the student to understand musical notation and the rules associated with notation and scales etc.

So not matter what age the student the piano truly is a good starting point for any musical journey.

Our piano lessons are tailored to the individual needs of the student.
Students have their own unique goals, skills, and personal preferences. As an instructor, I feel it’s my role to nuture and help students to meet their goals and gifts.

As a member of the Music Teachers Association of California, (MTAC), a musical organization that promotes and encourages the highest standard in music education, I have high expectations for student learning and achievements.

I teach all levels, beginning, intermediate and advanced, using a structured approach.

I teach theory, technique, sight reading and interpretation of music. Within a few months most students are able to perform in contest and are able to enter the CM program.

In short, our piano lessons provide everything you need to learn to play, enjoy and develop confidence, playing the ‘king of instruments’, the piano.

To get started select from the piano lesson options below and let’s start your musical journey!