Marsha M

Found the perfect instructor. Individualized curriculum, with positive reinforcement.

Toni T

Ms. Sharon Yost has been an excellent Piano teacher to our eight year old daughter with not only playing classical music but also theory as well. We were amazed at how fast she was learning and playing in such a short period of time.

Luna G

Sharon had been teaching my son Geno for a little over a year now. I am honestly say she changed his life and improved his piano skills tremendously. He went from playing simple music by ear to reading and playing complicated music. Because of his ability to read music he was able to participate in school performances and participate in music conditions. Sharon was patient, sweet and stern at the same time. Geno had many piano teachers before Sharon but non of them were able to keep him interested for long. Geno loves Sharon and tells me that she is by far the best teacher he's ever had!